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High-quality dedicated servers
at prices you can afford.
Using the latest technology of RedHat� Linux�, our dedicated servers provide root access with the ideal environment to host enterprise level, mission-critical websites. They are robust, powerful and provide support for a vast array of products. All of our equipment is scalable and ready for database support and multimedia functionality. This is the most cost effective solution for your dedicated server and is among the industries leading Open Source Linux� operating systems.

How it works:
Yearly discount machine leasing only, plus monthly bandwidth fees.
Your savings add up by not having expensive monthly leasing fees.


Choose the machine for your needs:
* Machine Lease 1 - Intel P4 2.4Ghz -  512GB Memory - 80GB HD
* Machine Lease 2 - Intel P4 2.8Ghz - 1024GB Memory - 80GB HD
* Machine Lease 3 - Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz - 1204GB Memory - 120GB HD

Some of the many benefits included in every plan!

Unlimited Domains, FTP Fully Automated Control Panel
Unlimited Email Accounts SSI (server side includes)
Detailed Webste Stats Full CGI, Perl, Script Access
SSH Shell Access (Telnet) PHP4/MySql

* Agreement and 3 Month Commitment required

*Machine Lease 1 - $500.00 per year - (thats just $41.00 month!)
*Machine Lease 2 - $650.00 per year - (thats just $54.00 month!)
*Machine Lease 3 - $850.00 per year
(thats just $71.00 month)


Monthly Bandwidth

Cost per Mbps

Monthly Fee



1 Mbps




5 Mbps




10 Mbps



20+ MBPS

20+ Mbps

as low as  $50.00




Choose your server and get a price quote

95th percentile Burstable Bandwidth

Your bandwidth will be reported to you through a real time graphical nterface via mrtg. The top 5% of usage is not counter towards you bandwidth level. Your bandwidth may spike to a much higher level at peak time with no additional charges. The line is fully burstable and your site will never slow down. Customers with infrequent bandwidth spikes will benefit from this type of billing.
Non-Burstable Bandwidth

While using this method you will not be able to transfer above the specified limit. If your server tries to use anything above your limit the router will discard or delay additional data. You can upgrade this option at any time. Many customers prefer this type of billing to control their expenses (no overage fees) and allows them to have as much bandwidth capacity as needed.
Bandwidth billed per Gig

Bandwidth is measured in each GB of data transfer. If you go over your plans limit you will be billed an overage fee. The line is fully burstable and your site will never slow down. Customers should choose a plan carefully as they may benefit from a lower pay rate. Get the performance of a high-speed connection, while paying only for bandwidth you use.



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