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Acceptable Usage Policy
By using our services, either through purchasing any of our products/services and/or viewing our website, you agree to be bound by this Acceptable Usage Policy.
If you do not agree to the terms stated herein, we do not authorize you to use any of our services.
Basic Principles and Guidelines
webgemshosting.com (and all of its agents) are primary providers of high speed website hosting and other services for Internet websites. We respect our customers' rights to disseminate information through their collective websites, however we reserve the right to take any precautionary or preventative measures when certain events occur which we deem as violations of these terms.
These terms shall serve as a basic guideline to our clients' rights and responsibilities, as well as explain our position(s) on certain issues regarding the use of our services.
This AUP may be updated from time to time without any prior notification to clients. The AUP will, however, always be posted on our website (www.webgemshosting.com). Any use of our services and/or website by the client constitutes full acceptance of the AUP and any other policies posted on our site.
Additionally, by using our services and/or website, client affirms that he/she is of legal age to enter into this type of binding agreement.
We cannot and do not warrant, guarantee, verify, and/or vouch for any information obtained through clients' use of the Internet. Client must be aware that some material contained within our websites as well as our affiliates' websites may contain adult material. We do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused to client that results from any Internet communication.
We do not monitor, supervise, review, edit and/or otherwise take responsibility for any of clients' actions.
We reserve the right to cancel immediately any client who takes part in any activity such as, but not limited to the following:
Terrorist Activities - Any site which promotes the activities of such organizations as Al Qaeda are strictly forbidden access from/to our network. This includes any website which promotes violence/hatred towards ANY NATION/PEOPLE. Any organization which is currently listed on the US State Department's Terror List is banned as well. This shall include any site which links to any site such as this. Furthermore, WE WILL REPORT ANY REQUEST FOR SITES SUCH AS THIS TO THE FBI!
Spamming - Sending unsolicited email (bulk or otherwise) is strictly prohibited. Additionally, maintaining an open SMTP relay is also prohibited. If a complaint is received, we reserve the right to take any action up to and including account termination.
Intellectual Property - Infringement of any copyright, trademark, and or service mark is strictly prohibited. This includes any activity which in any way falsely represents a website as someone elses. Any complaint received will be investigated and we reserve the right to take any necessary action to end the infringement.
Warez Sites - We do not host warez sites or any site which links to warez sites.
Illegal Material - Any material which is considered to be illegal in the United States is strictly forbidden. This includes child pornography, "lolita" sites, bestiality, rape, warez, and any other material which is deemed illegal. All infractions and/or suspected infractions will be reported to the proper authorities, and will result in account termination.
Abusive/Obscene Material - Using our network in any way to transmit obscene, abusive, harrassing, or threatening messages or language is prohibited.
Unauthorized Access - Any attempt or actual penetration of any computer, network, and/or system belonging to us or our affiliates, as well as any other person, individual, company or other entity is forbidden. This includes any precursor to any such penetration such as port scans and/or stealth scans.
Distribution of Viruses/Worms/Trojans - Distribution of or causing any virus, mole, worm, trojan horse, mail bombing, denial of service or any other type of attack to be distributed is strictly forbidden and will be reported to authorities immediately. Additionally, any activity which interferes in any way with users' ability to access/use our network, or any other network, is also forbidden.
Incitement of AUP Violation - Any activity which causes or is designed to cause any violation of this AUP is forbidden.
Encryption Control - As consistent with US law, you may not distribute or cause to be distributed any encryption software outside the United States.
Various Illegal Activities - Any activity deemed illegal in the US is prohibited. This includes making available or causing the distribution of any ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme, fraudulant credit card processing, pirated software or any other illegal material/activity.
Various Terms and Arrangements
Compliance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 - Client is responsible for full compliance with 18 U.S.C Section 2257 regarding the records for all websites on our network. Client is also responsible for complying with all other US laws and/or restrictions.
Harmful Activities - Any activity which is harmful to us or any of our other clients, affiliates, partners and/or agents is also strictly forbidden.
Monitoring - We will not and do not monitor our clients for compliance with this AUP. However, if we become aware of any violation of the AUP or any US laws, we will take appropriate action up to and including account termination and/or possible legal action.
Security - We do not take any responsibility for, nor do we guarantee the security of any Internet activity, including email transmissions.
Dissemination of Client Information - We will not disclose any client information to any 3rd party unless a court order requires us to do so. However, we reserve the right to disseminate any information if dissemination will protect or preserve our network.
Legal Responsibilites - If any legal action brought against us which is the result of a Clients' action(s), Client will be responsible for full payment of any damages awarded to the other party as well as reasonable attorney's/legal fees.
Understanding - If you do not fully agree with the AUP and/or are not of legal age to enter into such an agreement, you are not authorized to view our website and furthermore are not authorized to use any of our services.



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